Management Team

Mr.M.S.MATHANLAL, Managing Director

Mr.Mathanlal is a research person. He has been in this research, since his childhood. He has developed technologies applicable to the printing industry, 3D Printing and Lenticular Lens Manufacturing technologies, 3D Movie and Display technologies and so on. He is the founder director of Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited. He has patented many technologies and He is the owner of almost 7 International Patents.

Dr.MOHANA VENKATARAMAN, Joint Managing Director

Dr.Mohana is a Doctor specializing in Psychiatry. He is a co-founder of Lexy. With his Entrepreneurial quality, He has contributed a lot from the inception of this company. With his contact and advise, this company had many a quantum leap in its growth and establishment.

Management’s Appeal:

With our 16 years of experience in technology development and marketing the technology and its produce, we have fine tuned this next generation technology with the name Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology and launching in the market through our Franchise Network as Lexy Franchisee Module.

Sharing Success:

We create an environment where individuals, teams and the company are all motivated to achieve success. We have been a successful exporting company with good number satisfied foreign and Indian Buyers all around the globe with our printing technology. Now, Let us share the story of success by spreading this technology all around India through our Franchisee Network. We believe all our Lexy Franchisee would smell the fragrance of our success by implementing our Lexy concept.