Mr.Veeresh, GalaxyImaging, Madurai

I visited Lexy Printinnovate recently, regarding an inquiry about printing on tiles I was planning. I spoke to one of the directors named Mr. Vignesh and was pleased to talk to him as he was really polite and very helpful. He answered all my queries with ease and showed very good and positive eagerness to answer all my questions regarding my Lexy Franchise startup. He helped me finding the best way to start the tiles printing franchise business.

I am very happy with your work culture and the way your employees treating all the guests. It really gives a very good impression about Lexy printinnovate.

Mr. Muthurathinam, Smart Creators, Tripur

While we were looking into franchise businesses, we fortunately came across Lexy Printinnovate through facebook that specialized in printing technology for the several years and exporting high quality printed granites to western countries like Europe, London, USA and suddenly loved the idea of creating relationships with those in our community. There is no better feeling than when you can provide innovative service and innovative products to appreciating customers.

We Just amazed by the quality of the printed materials like granite, marble, tiles, wood and glass etc.,

We would like to thank all the directors of lexy who took due respect and responsibility to explain their print transfer technology and its applications.

Mr. Senthil Kumar, Hosur

“The support is simply good; you can make a phone call, and talk to any of the directors and executives. They are always ready to answer what you are asking. They listen to your words and try to give the best solution for everybody. I think the technology support is fantastic, because I’m not a technology genius. The Lexy Franchise Concept in general is well thought out.

There are certain things that are going to change the way you do business and we are going to be the part of that change, but it’s always been helpful. They look over your numbers and call you, it’s like they know your problems before you ask for help from them. I think the support is exceptional.”

Mr. Venkatesh, Dharmapuri

“We visited Lexy Printinnovate and just fell in love with the concept of Print Transfer Technology that can be applied to marble, granite, tiles, wood, glass, gypsum board and PVC Sheet. We already knew we liked the concept, and then we just decided to go with Lexy Franchise. It just owns your own business. I feel like this is a business that we can produce and market innovative products to appreciate more customers. We can bring our family members into it, so I see that this is a business that eventually our followers will be able to run and everyone can join in this business.”

Mr. Kumaresh, Namakkal

“I have never had an experience with Lexy Printinnovate that has been anything but supportive, exceptional, and beyond. For somebody who has no experience at all in this industry and get the support not only from the franchise, but from other franchisees also.”

Mr. Raja, Karur

"I simply wanted to control my own financial destiny. The more you put into it, the more you will grow, and I love that. Thanks to Lexy Printinnovate for opening such an innovative franchise opportunity and is opted for all the passionate entrepreneur."

Mr. Sankar, Tanjore

"I do not have a background in the printing industry, so the overall franchise support will be really important to me. I also found the wide variety of products that can be manufactured through Lexy Franchise to be appealing because it allows me to establish a larger prospect base."