AcroRIP Software Dongle
Start Canvas Printing For Rs.5000/- Budget
Flatbed Printing Machine
Insta Acrylic Printing
Small Budget Printer A3 Plus Printer
Small Budget Printer A3 Plus Printer
AcroRIP Software Dongle
Start Canvas Printing For Rs.5000/- Budget
Small Budget Printer A3 Plus Printer
Small Budget Printer A3 Plus Printer
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About Lexy

Welcome to Lexy Printinnovate where you can find, cherish and follow the latest developments in printing technology. We are happy to be the pioneer of manufacturing and supplying innovative printing technology and machinery in various sizes in India. You will not only find the widest product range offered by us but also numerous technical updating which will open up the new possibilities in the printing industry. The company is well equipped with all resources to meet the growing demands of printing industry globally. We manufacture world’s best quality tailor-made flatbed printers at low price in India. We supply Tiles Printing Machine, Wood Printing Machine, Glass Printing Machine, Granite Printing Machine, Marble Printing Machine, Black Tshirt Printing Machine, Lexy Insta Printing Machine and Glass Etching Paste at competitive price. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Direct Printing Machine for tiles, glass and wood in  India. We are specialized in making highly innovative & cost saving digital printers based on our client’s budget and requirement.


Concept into Reality

Concept Into Reality
Bring your concept, We develop your product

We hear your idea or concept, analyze them and come up with the new business model and develop a unique product to satisfy your end-customers.
Lexy Printinnovate is your research partner in printing industry, developing innovative printing technology, quality machinery and unique products that can reduce uncertainty and risk in the competitive market.

Why Choose Us

01. Industrial Feasibility
02. Marketable Products
03. Technical Knowledge
04. Raw Material Availability
05. Quality Machines
06. Trained Labours
07. Financial Assistance
08. Marketing Support

Lexy Flatbed Printer Vs UV Flatbed Printer Comparison

Lexy Flatbed Printer UV Flatbed Printer
Zero Maintenance Maintenance Required
Energy Saver Requires III Phase Power Supply
Raster Format Vector Format
8 Pixels Per dot (.) 2 to 3 Pixels Per dot (.)
Eco Friendly Chemicals Hazardous Chemicals
Only on coated materials can print Can print without coating on materials
Not required  UV lamp Required UV lamp
Curing through hot air blower/TTL Blue Ray/Ultra Sonic Curing only expose UV light
Resistance to water, thinner and Acid Non Resistance to water thinner and Acid
Ink Water Ph Ink Viscosity is high
Ink will not dry if it’s idol for long time Ink will dry if it’s Idol for long time
Can print metallic finish Can’t print metallic  finish
Can be customized to print Silver, Copper and brass effect Can’t be customized
Photo Chromic is possible Photo Chromic is not possible
Quality can be customized Quality can’t be customized
Post Coating not required Pre Coating and Post Coating required
In-built Pre-Coating Foiling stamping transfer

What Our Customer Says...,

“The support that we get from Lexy Printinnovate has been great. They have been the

While we were looking into franchise businesses, we fortunately came across Lexy Printinnovate through facebook

Smart Creators, Director

Lexy Print Innovate provides all the tools and flexibility to operate our business; the support

Naveen Traderrs, Director

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