Custom Printed Canvas

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Print on Canvas - Canvas Printing Machine

Printing on canvas fabric has always dominate the printing industry and also this is an ideal application for all creative artists and digital designers who always love to recreate their original masterpieces at an affordable price.  Lexy Printinnovate has the complete solution for printing on canvas or smaller scale production of canvas prints.

Print directly onto ready-made canvas with EPSON printers combined with lexy ink to make custom-sized canvas prints with maximum size of A3+

Personalization Printing on Canvas

Printing on canvas fabric is another source of profitable revenue for many retail gift article stores and online custom printing businesses. With EPSON printers, any users can produce hand drawn quality canvas prints for family functions like wedding, betrothal, birthday celebration, baby shower functions and family portraits, customer paintings and drawings, company graphics and other applications that deserves high prices on the market today and years to come.

Artist Printing on Canvas

It is very easy today to turn your imaginative art and digital art into gallery-quality canvas prints with EPSON printers which ensures artistic, bright and high contrast color that retains your color composition of artwork. Desktop solutions are perfect for small artistic canvas art and commercial canvas poster printing.

Quality Printing on Canvas

Print any kind of art, design or photography images with EPSON Printers combined with Lexy Printing Technology. When a customer want a replica of any artwork, Lexy Printinnovate has always solution with innovative printing machines that are famous for their realistic color depth and contrast image results.

Renovate your residential or commercial space with these Glass printing materials and add value and give finishing touch to your interiors! An excellent glass print finish will definitely surprise you.

You can watch our Glass Printing Demo Video