Custom Printed Granite

Print on Granite - Granite Printing Machine

Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology can be used for manufaturing printed granite or transfer photo to granite slab and can be used for different applications as shown below:

Since Granite has greater and wider applications, Our Technology Receivers can manufacture high quality, long durable and customized photo printed granite top coffee table, granite top end table, granite top dining table, granite top small desk, granite top toy chest, granite top TV stand, granite top small stand, granite top benches, granite top stools, granite top staircase, granite cladding, granite stone partition and personalized photo print on granite. So the possibilities of manufacturing printed granite top products are boundless. It depends on the Technology Receiver’s creativity and innovation to manufacture unique and attractive printed granite decorative to secure more customers.

Adorn your home or office with these Granite printing and add elegance and aesthetic appeal to your interiors! A beautiful Granite printing will definitely charm you.

You can watch our Granite Printing Demo Video