Excellent Customer Support

Excellent customer SUPPORT services

  • We are consciously aware of the fact that high quality and reliable printing technology has to go hand in hand with prompt customer support services and technical assistance.
  •  We are convinced you’ll be more than satisfied with our excellent customer support services!
  •  To offer our customers the best support services possible, Lexy Printinnovate has come with a wide range of supportive activities:
  •  free print samples
  •  free technical assistance and counseling
  •  cooperation in development of new technologies/products on request from our clients
  •  possibility of overnight production with our printing technology facility
  •  flexible deliveries
  •  issuing quotations in the shortest possible time
  •  availability of physical samples of different substrates and printing solutions
  •  access to information via internet or our sales executive
  •  uncompromised quality
Excellent Customer Support

Solution Focused Technical Assistance

Lexy Print is your  valuable business partner who understands the fast-paced nature of your business and the importance of printing machinery. We build long term relationships and are focused on your progress.  The Lexy Print service is a more friendly, quick responsive, Technically knowledgeable, and support team who will ensure your success through your business journey.

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