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Lexy Printinnovate Pvt. Ltd

Plot No.3&4, Joy Street, Feracca Nagar, Pasumalai , Madurai, India.


Lexy PrintInnovate really focus on the technology upgrades for keeping the winning track ahead of the competitive market. Perhaps, this explains the consistent updating of conventional manufacturing printing equipments with modern machineries and tools resulting in increased production capacity, guaranteed quality of components, and timely delivery.

Skilled Man Power

The most valuable asset of Lexy PrintInnovate Pvt. Ltd. is our highly skilled, innovative and flexible workforce. Our goal is to be a hot employer and cooperation partner with perceived activities based on convinced customer satisfaction and high efficiency in the years to come.
We consistently update our knowledge base and efficiency by developing our personnel objective-orientation.
Our pay policy comprises Fairness, creativeness and contribution to company’s advancement.

From the beginning, we operate efficiently and flexibly for the benefit of our customers and with long lasting cooperation that creates promising working conditions in the factory.

Skilled Man Power

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