Glass Printing Machine

Marble Printing Machine
Marble Printing Machine

Welcome to Lexy  where you can find, cherish and follow the latest developments in printing technology. We are happy to be the pioneer of  manufacturing and supplying innovative  printing technology and machinery in various sizes in India. You will not only find the widest product range offered by us but also numerous technical updating which will open up the new possibilities  in the printing industry. The company is well equipped with all resources to meet the growing demands of printing industry globally.

Lexy has established a modern eco-friendly manufacturing units and all the materials (i.e. Tools, accessories and raw materials etc.) are manufactured in its own factory by engaging highly skilled and experienced employees using pre defined manufacturing method which ensures premium quality and perfect finish.

Lexy manufactures High quality printing machines for interior and exterior decorative materials like Tiles, Glass, Marble, Granite, Wood and Gypsum Board with manual and semi- automatic printing capacity. All of our printing technology and printing machines are fully customized with state of the art production facility that ensures personalized printing solutions to the so-called printable materials.

We can assure you, the valuable customer, in one line as “Nothing prints like our printing technology”.