Free Training Camp

Get ready for an opportunity to learn the innovative technology to print on Granite, Marble, Tiles, Wood, Glass, Gypsum Board and PVC Sheet at “Technology Exposure Free Training Camp” organized by Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited which is scheduled to begin soon.

At end of the training session, every participant will get a complete knowledge on printing technology, print materials, job opportunities and various business opportunities on printing related industry. On successful completion of this training camp, participants can get great job opportunity at our franchise locations operated all over Tamilnadu. This raining camp is open to all passionate people who aspire to work in the creative and innovative field of printing industry.

Purpose of the Training Camp:

The main purpose of the “Technology Exposure Training Camp” is to strengthen skills and heighten the level of self confidence by educating every participant of this training camp with innovative and unique technology of printing on flat surfaces. This new skill development will definitely help participants getting better career or even they can start a new business and earn more.

Benefits of the Training Camp:

Through this Training Camp, participants can get

Knowledge on printing technology

Knowledge on printing materials

Experience to handle the machines and tools

Knowledge on printing process

Knowledge on Do’s and Don’ts of printing process

Who can attend the Training Camp

There is no age limit to attend the Training Camp. The following persons can participate

Self interested and Self motivated persons

Seft employed persons

Degree/Diploma holders /Freshers

Job seekers

small/medium business owners

Buisness aspirants

Creative persons

Register for Training Camp

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Continue to check our website for training camp schedule updates or call the training camp information through mobile +91 9626774745.