Lexy Technology Advantages

Using Lexy printing technology can provide numerous benefits both for technology users and end product users alike. The advantages of Lexy Printing Technology are more specific and user friendly when compared to other contemporary printing technology. Here are most significant benefits that Lexy printing technology provides:

1. Low-Investment - Lexy Printing Technology is a great low investment, high potential printing business idea!

2. Quick ROI - Lexy Printing System is personalized to fit your specific business needs. We are so confident that you will achieve a quick return on investment between six and one year period of time, we guarantee it.

3. Space - As our printing machinery does not occupy large spaces, mobility of our technology enables you to install easily in any of your desired location.

4. Customization - Customized Data Printing (CDP) allows for the customization of individual photos, graphics or text on a print by print basis.

5. Quick Process - Lexy digital printing method is the perfect option if you need something innovative and quick delivery. There is no need to prepare plates Unlike lithographic printing.

6. Ink Quality – Digital printing technology has seen dramatic change over recent years. As we use Epson's Ultra chrome HD Ink Technology that surpasses the traditional printing quality.

7. Print Making - Our printing technology enables to print not only on the surface but also on all the sides of the material.

8. Print Quality - Crystal clear dot sharpness and color contrast can be witnessed as in the graphics seen on digital screen because there is no possibility for ink dots to spread. The inks reside mostly hardened onto the outer surface of the substrate.

9. Strong Bonding - We use polymer based chemical to transfer the print and protect the graphics on the surface of the substrate and ensures strong bonding with the quick and hard drying properties.

10. Eco-Friendly - As we use polymer based chemicals, it releases zero VOC’s, making it a 100% eco-friendly process for our environment and a safer one.

11. Health Benefits - Our printing process assures our technology users and end product users to keep away from health hazards like skin irritation, respiratory allergies, eye, nose and throat irritation and at higher levels, chest pains arising in other printing methodologies.

12. Strong End Product - The scratch-proof, acid proof and water proof surface makes the handling, transportation, and installation much easier. This has a better tolerance to walk and run. A stronger product ultimately leads to savings.

13. Time Saver - Faster production times because of the short time curing process. Print jobs can now be a big time saver.

14. Cutting Cost - Lower production cost because there is no need for additional materials and labor for mounting onto a second substrate. The printed surface does not need to be protected by an over-laminate nor to be placed under glass.

15. Finishing - Lexy prints can be produced with glossy, semi-mate and full-mate finishing depending on the requirement for your project.

16. Versatility - Digital print is very versatile. Lexy printing technology have the unique print media which helps to transfer the print on multiple home decor substrates like tiles, marble, granite, glass, wood and gypsum board in an easy manner.

17. Value – Lexy digital printing is very easy to install and there is no setup cost. Our technology offers exceptional value, especially for Longer print runs with less maintenance.