Digital Tiles Printing

Do you find entrepreneurial spirit in you? Do you have passion to start a profitable business but can’t find a right channel to progress it? Digital Tiles Printing may be the answer!

In comparison to franchise expenses that can be more than 1Crore plus a monthly payment to the franchisor, a digital tiles printing system can easily be set up in your available space for under 15 Lakhs for complete package and with working capital as low as Rs.3Lakhs. isn't it amazing? Speak with us and we will introduce you to our people who are already doing this business profitably by strictly following our guidelines and system.

Imagine being the only place in your town that can manufacture beautiful, full color, personalized art and photographic imagery on tile, special event commemoratives, souvenirs, portraits and many other high margin products. Everything you make will have industrial quality and durability useful in commercial and residential end uses. The products are 100% eco-friendly, fade resistant, scratch proof, acid proof applicable to indoor or outdoor with reasonable longevity. Yes, it is really possible. Call us. We’ll show you how and you can learn from our technology receivers who are following our system and earning huge till date.