Digital printer for Side Printing Without Vacuum Pressure Machine (3.25ft x 8ft)


Product Code: VPM-SP6
Printable Area: 3.25ft x 8ft
Materials: Wood or Granite or Marble
Vacuum Machine: Not Available


  • Easily deal with print material surface
  • Mounted with advanced Epson print head
  • Especially for materials with height difference and curves
  • High resolution printing with 8 pixel per dot
  • Easy installation on the client location
  • Technology Training by industry experts
  • Prompt service support
  • Zero Maintenance


  • Model/Type:     EPSON Digital Printer
  • Print resolution: Per dot (.) 8 Pixels
  • Printer Size: 44” Wide Format
  • Ink Technology:   Chromic Ink
  • Printing Cost: Rs.5/- Per Sq.Ft
  • Production Cost:              Rs.25/- to 30/- Per Sq.Ft
  • Resistance: Water, Thinner, Scratch and Acid proof
  • Processing Time: 10 – 15 Min.
  • Type of Cartridge: Ink Cartridges
  • Colours: CMYK
  • Input format:     Compatible with all type of format – Recommended format PSD.
  • Software: RIP software not required
  • Safety   : Non Hazardous Chemicals
  • UV: UV lamp not required
  • Head Life: Head will be maintained even if it’s idol for long period
  • Maintenance:    Zero Maintenance (18 to 30 Degree Room Temperature)
  • Usage: User Friendly
  • Software Used: Raster System
  • Energy: Energy Saver for Printer
  • Electricity:  III Phase Power Supply


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