StoneSeal-Rapid Welding Adhesive

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Rapid Welding Adhesives professionally designed to bond well with any type of stone, ceramic, marble, granite, metal and all type stones.

Base – 100g

Hardener – 12.5g


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Weight 0.1 kg


Stones can be an extremely strong and durable material and best suited  well for all sort of home projects. However, It is very difficult in finding a glue to use in those projects, as most of the available common adhesives don’t work well with all type of stones. That’s because many varieties of stones comes with different types of surfaces having  variations in roughness and porosity which makes it difficult for the adhesive to find anything to bond with. So, Lexy Printinnovate, comes out with specially formulated “Rapid Welding Adhesive” especially for stone that can get the job done.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Immediate Cure for all Cracks
  • No Sign of Joints
  • Water Resistant
  • Hairline Crack Removal from Marble & Granite
  • Multi Service Oriented
  • All Decorative Applications


  • Can fix Washbasin on the stone
  • can repair crack & hole on tiles
  • Can fix glass on glass
  • Can fix wood on wood
  • can fix metal on wood
  • can fix metal on metal
  • Can fix glass to wood


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