Technology Know How

Technology Know How

With over twenty years of expertise in printing industry – digital printing on rigid flat surfaces – speaks our technological development and future printing technology.

We have attained a position wherein we confidently claim to possess the best printing and finishing technology with a deep focus to expand our printing technology on the India market with strong but deliberate investment strategy.

The vast majority of our production greatly relies on digital print transfer technology. For these purposes, we use high performance printing machine to produce customized printed tiles, customized printed glass, customized printed marble, customized printed granite and customized printed wood etc.

Technology Know How

Unique Technology And Best Results!

In our unique printing technology. We offer our customers a wide range of finishing: different types of finishing like glossy, matte and embossing, etc. Our finishing technology is virtually new and attractive. , we also invest in new glass less 3d technologies that enable a user can view 3D video without wearing a 3D glass.

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β€œThe support that we get from Lexy Printinnovate has been great. They have been the

While we were looking into franchise businesses, we fortunately came across Lexy Printinnovate through facebook

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Lexy Print Innovate provides all the tools and flexibility to operate our business; the support

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